Roberto Greco


YSL Beauty

 Schiaparelli x Maggie Maurer

Numéro Berlin





An Italian-born Swiss citizen, Roberto Greco is a horticulturist by profession. His studies in photography and visual communication came later, and reflect his unique path into the genre. He uses light as meticulously as a painter’s brush, freezing time at the moment - chosen with surgeon-like precision - that compels us to pause and contemplate. More complex than they seem at first glance, his images are rife with metaphor, even dream-like effects.

Roberto Greco does not scrimp on humour either, at times pushing deep into the cynical - highlighting unapologetic details that fly in the face of stereotypical artistic reference. His photographic approach is part profession, part research, with subjects constructed with meticulous patience. The resulting work, whether portrait or still-life, urges us to see a world that is very real, yet filled with wonder.

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