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Lutz Morris


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Stefan has developed a signature visual language, through which he expresses the depth and breadth of the feelings of a generation. His work is both experimental yet grounded ; by exploring new creative references and visual interpretations, he reveals the substance beyond what the superficial eye perceives.

After a period of time in New York, he returned to the Black Forest in 2017, which has since served him as a source of inspiration as well as a safe space for creative debate and discussion. There he founded the magazine OG Projects, together with Artist Stefan Strumbel. Now in its third season, OG Projects is the inspiration/stimulus/backdrop
for Jil Sander's “Polaroid Project”.

Stefan’s images oscillate between the boundaries of art, portrait and fashion photography, deftly blending elaborate staging and deliberate intent with freshness and spontaneity, thus constantly finding new methods of capturing the viewer’s eye. By juxtaposing various genres such as individual portraits, group shots, detailed stills, landscape and architecture shots, Stefan is constantly redefining the narrative form.

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