Suzie & Léo


The Ballroom

Solid Homme SS2023 Art Directing by Suzie&Leo





Suzie and Leo are an artistic duo living and working in Paris. Combining their background in film and fine arts they created for themselves an ever evolving aesthetic.
This combines straightforward fashion photography with a parallel production of editorial and videos employing image manipulation techniques and Computer Generated Imagery. Together they have been realizing videos and campaigns for brands such as Fendi, Koché, Kenzo, Stella Mc Cartney , Yves Saint Laurent , Yung Lean, editorial for Dazed Beauty, Numéro, T Mag, Duel among others. When looking at all the bodies of work there is only one constant-none of them look like the other. Influenced by dance and movie culture, to You Tube videos, their research focuses on the creation of new languages, reinterpreting tropes and pop elements, mixing them with up with animations and mixed media techniques.
Craftmanship is a very important part and aspect of their creative process.
Their work moves between two very different contexts, the printed page and the screen, gaining new insights according to the platforms they are placed in.

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